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The concept of effluent treatment, by means, of a collective effort, has assumed reasonable gravity by being especially purposeful for cluster of small scale industrial units. Common effluent tr eatment plant (CETP) not only helps the industries in easier control of poll ution, but also act as a step towards cleaner environment and service to the soci ety at large. Small scale industries, by their very nature of job cann ot benefit much from economies of scale and therefore the burden of inst alling pollution- control equipment, falls heavy on them.

Realizing this prac tical problem, under the policy statement for abatement of pollution the Govt. felt to extend the scheme for promoting combined facilities for treatm ent of effluent and management of solid waste for clusters of small scale industrial units and also to provide technical support to them. Acc ordingly, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, had instruct ed various State Pollution Control Boards, to examine the possibilities of est ablishing CETPs in various Industrial estates in the respective states.

The concerted approach of joint or common effluent treatment provisions has many advantages. Wastewater of individual industrie s often contain significant concentration of pollutants; and t o reduce them by individual treatment up to the desired concentration, become t echno-economically difficult The combined treatment provides a better and economical option because of the equalization and neutralization taki ng place in the CETP. Other important issues for the merit of common trea tment include scarcity of land at the industry's level and a comparatively ea sier availability of professional and trained staff for the operation of CETP, which can otherwise be difficult, at the individual industry level.


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